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李貝妮Pollyanna Lee

李貝妮Pollyanna Lee是當年代的本地樂壇金牌經理人梁柏濤Pato Leung,繼捧紅陳美龄Agnes Chan後,試圖全力栽培為接班人的七十年代初本地女歌手。

她原是本地的一支三人女子民歌組合Tripod Cauldrons成員,麗風唱片(Life Records)於1970年出版的《First Folk Album》及《Second Folk Album》內,分別收錄了這組合所灌唱的"Sorrow"及"Jesse James"。

1971年麗風為李貝妮出版了她第一張的個人七吋單曲唱片《One Day Love 朝暮情╱FS-3》,製作人是其經理人梁柏濤Pato Leung;Side 1歌曲是同年先前全歐洲歌唱大賽(Eurovision Song Contest)中代表愛爾蘭參賽女歌手Angela Farrell演譯的"One Day Love",Side 2則是一首以唱述當年美國大盗Jesse James生平事蹟的同名民謠歌曲"Jesse James"。

"One Day Love"試聽版﹕

"Jesse James"試聽版﹕

隨後的1972年,她的首張個人七吋EP專集《Over And Over》面世,唱片內收錄的三首歌曲"Over And Over"、"Try To Remember"及quot;The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,全是抄襲了著名希臘女歌手Nana Mouskouri於1969年收錄的其個人十二吋LP專集《Nana Mouskouri Sings Over & Over》內、三首相同歌曲之演譯及伴奏配樂風格模式;其餘一首的"One Day When We Were Young",則是演譯了改編自已故Johann Straus II的原創作品"Wer Uns Getraut"、及經由Oscar Hammerstein II配詞後成為1938年西片〈The Great Waltz〉(華爾滋大王)中、由已故著名英國藝人Gracie_Fields原唱的插曲。而這唱片專集的配樂伴奏,全是由當年的蓮花樂隊(The Lotus)成員担綱,包括了周華年Wallace Chow(主音結他)、張俊英David Cheung(鼓)、蘇雄Danny So(低音結他)及Jimmy Chan(鍵琴)。

Over And Over     (1972/FEP 3)

Side 1
  1. Over And Over    (Paul Chapman.David Fennell.Michael Jourdan.George Petsilas)    (歌詞連結)
  2. Try To Remember    (Harvey SchmidtTom Jones)    (歌詞連結)
Side 2
  1. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face    (Ewan MacColl)    (歌詞連結)
  2. One Day When We Were Young    (Johann Straus IIOscar Hammerstein II)    (歌詞連結)
"Over And Over"試聽版﹕

"Try To Remember"2分12秒試聽版﹕

"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"1分51秒試聽版﹕

"One Day When We Were Young"試聽版﹕

出版了這兩張個人唱片後,她變得消聲匿跡似的,再不見有任何她的歌曲出現。 其後麗風出版了多張的本地歌手雜錦民歌專輯LP,都有收錄了她曾灌唱那僅有的六首歌曲在內。這包括了:

Best Of Folk            (1971/FA-4)

Ever Popular - Frances Yip.Pollyanna Lee    (1975/FA 14)

Best Of Folk Vol.1            (1977/FA 21)

  • Over And Over     (Paul Chapman.David Fennell.Michael Jourdan.George Petsilas)    (歌詞連結)
Best Of Folk Featuring Song Sung By Samuel Hui & Others Vol.2    (1977/FA 22)

Samuel Hui & Others Vol.2》LP" target="_blank">


"One Day Love" by Angela Farrell

"Over And Over" by Nana Mouskouri

"Try To Remember" by Nana Mouskouri

"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Nana Mouskouri

"One Day When We Were Young" by Gracie Fields

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At 8:17 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is such a natural and the song brings back so much sweet memory of the days when we were young. Can you please let me download it from your site? Thank you.

At 3:50 PM , Blogger Sven said...

I have only just discovered Pollyanna Lee at Youtube. She is one of the best singers I have ever heard.Does anyone know why she stopped singing and where she is today and what she is doing?
Was she born in Hong Kong?

At 9:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, she is from Hong Kong.

At 1:26 PM , Blogger Peter said...

I believe she is in Canada.

At 1:26 PM , Blogger Peter said...

I believe she is in Canada now.


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