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Gracie Rivera 利慧詩

Gracie Rivera 是於七十年代中期,繼Teresa Carpio(杜麗莎 )後,能成功在香港建立了知名度另一位菲藉女歌手。

筆者沒有Gracie的詳细個人資料,只記得她最初是憑翻唱Mary MacGregor原唱的"Torn Between Lovers"後才為當時的本地樂迷認識, 跟着又翻唱了法藉女歌手Marie Myriam在1977年全歐歌唱大賽的冠軍歌曲"The Bird And The Child" ("L'Oiseau Et L'Enfant"),收錄這曲的LP《Gracie Rivera》在EMI推出市場及經電台熱播後,迅即登上當年的每週西洋流行曲榜首,而該LP的銷量更獲1978年度本地IFPI頒發的金唱片獎。其它在她當红時期灌錄的受歡迎"翻唱"歌曲,記憶中還有"You Light Up My Life"、"Don't Cry For Me Argentina"、"All You Get From Love Is A Love Song"等。

自1977年至1979年,Gracie Rivera為EMI灌唱的LP如下:

Gracie                           (1977/EMGS-6012)

Side One
  1. Torn Between Two Lovers  (Phillip Jarrell.Peter Yarrow)
  2. Fairy Tale  (Paul Greedus)
  3. Amazing Grace  (John Newton)
  4. Morning Of My Life  (Barry Gibb)
  5. Somebody Waiting  (Roger NicholsPaul Williams)
  6. Both Sides Now  (Joni Mitchell)
Side Two
  1. The Music Of Love  (Harlan Sanders)
  2. It's Time  (Gracie Rivera)
  3. Fly Away  (John Denver)
  4. Eres Tu  (Juan Carlos Calderon.Mike Hawker)
  5. Like A Sad Song  (John Denver)
  6. I Am A Rock (Paul Simon)
"Fairy Tale"Youtube版本﹕

"Amazing Grace"Youtube版本﹕

"Somebody Waiting"Youtube版本﹕

"The Music of Love"Youtube版本﹕

"It's Time"Youtube版本﹕

"Eres Tu"Youtube版本﹕

Gracie Rivera              (1977/EMGS-6022)

Side One
  1. The Bird And The Child  (Jean-Paul Cara.Joe Gracy.H. Banks)
  2. Don't Cry For Me Argentina  (Andrew Lloyd WebberTim Rice)
  3. All You Get From Love Is A Love Song  (Steve Eaton)
  4. I Got A Name  (Norman GimbelCharles Fox)
  5. Where Do I Go From Here  (Parker McGee)
  6. Catch The Wind  (Leitch Donovan)
  7. House Of The Rising Sun

Side Two
  1. Angel Of The Morning  (Chip Taylor)
  2. Summer Breeze  (Dash Crofts.Jim Seals)
  3. When I Need You  (Albert HammondCarole Bayer Sager)
  4. Just A Dream  (Gracie Rivera)
  5. Take My Hand  For A While  (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
  6. I Don't Want To Talk About It  (Danny Whitten)
  7. Lo Siento Mi Vida  (Linda RonstadtKenny Edwards.Gilbert Ronstadt)
"All You Get From Love Is A Love Song"Youtube版本﹕

"Take My Hand For A While"試聽版﹕

"Lo Siento Mi Vida"2分01秒試聽版﹕

16 Motion Picture Greats For You  (1977/SPR 1001)

"Morning Of My Life"Youtube版本﹕

Hit Sounds Vol. 7         (1977/EMGS-6011)

Hit Sounds Vol. 8       (1977/EMGS-6018)

Gracie Anne Rivera    (1978/EMGS-6031)

Side One
  1. New Days.....New Ways  (Steve Fenwick.Charles Rockliff)
  2. You Light Up My Life 【Theme From Movie ﹝You Light Up My Life﹞】  (Joe Brooks)
  3. Please Tell Him That I Said Hello  (Mike Dibbens.Peter Shepstone)
  4. We're All Alone  (Boz Scaggs)
  5. You Give Me Those Feelings  (Lynsey de Paul)
  6. Baby Don't Be Givin' Me Up  (Dennis Lambert.Brian Potter)
  7. Never Have To Say Goodbye Again  (Jeffery Commanor)
  8. Pag-Ibig Mo Langit Ko
Side Two
  1. Who Was It Stole Your Heart Away  (Barbara Dickson)
  2. Never Let Him Go  (David Gates)
  3. There's Nothin' You Can Do To Change My Mind  (Geoff Stephens.Eddie Seago)
  4. I Just Want To Love You  (Randy Sharp)
  5. You Are A Song  (Jim Weatherly)
  6. Country Road  (Bill DanoffJohn Denver .Taffy Nivert)
  7. Adoro  (Armando Manzanero)
"You Light Up My Life"Youtube版本﹕

"We're All Alone"Youtube版本﹕

"Pag-Ibig Mo Langit Ko"Youtube版本﹕

Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying  (1978/EMGS-6036)

Side One
  1. If You Go Away  (Jacques BrelRod McKuen)
  2. Songbird  (David Wolfert.Steve Nelson)
  3. Ready For The Times To Get Better  (Allen Reynolds)
  4. It's Killing Me  (Perry Martin)
  5. Isn't It Always Love  (Karla Bonoff)
  6. Thank You For Being A Friend  (Andrew Gold)
  7. Before My Heart Finds Out  (Randy Goodrum)
Side Two
  1. Put A Little Love In Your Heart  (Jackie DeShannon.Jimmy Holiday.Randy Meyers)
  2. To Know Him Is To Love Him  (Phil Spector)
  3. Yours Sincerely  (Chris Arnold.David Martin.Geoff Morrow)
  4. Reach Out For The One Who Loves You  (P. Hawkins)
  5. I'll Play For You  (Dash Crofts.Jim Seals)
  6. A Rock And Roll Song  (Joe Brooks)
  7. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying  (Les ChadwickLes Maguire.Freddie Marsden.Gerry Marsden)
"Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying"Youtube版本﹕

Star Hits                       (1978/EMGS-6028)

Side One
  • When A Child Is Born  (Ciro Dammicco (Zacar).Fred Jay)
  • The Bird And The Child  (Jean-Paul Cara.Joe Gracy.H. Banks)
Side Two
EMI Star Hits Vol. 2    (1978/EMGS-6043)

"If I Can't Have You"Youtube版本﹕

EMI Star Hits Volume 3 (1978/EMGS-6046)

We’re Home Again     (1979/EMGS-6050)

Side One
  1. We're Home Again  (Hal Shaper.Jerry Goldsmith)
  2. I've Been There  (Gracie Rivera)
  3. You To Me Are Everything  (Ken Gold.Micky Denne)
  4. You Make Me Fell (Mighty Real)  (Sylvester.James Wirrick)
  5. Falling  (Lenny LeBlanc.Eddie Struzick)
  6. Born Winner  (Mark Charron)
Side Two
  1. Bish's Hideaway  (Stephen Bishop)
  2. Woman In Love  (Dominic Bugatti.Frank Musker)
  3. Make A Little Love  (L. Hiller.M. Hiller.I. Cohen)
  4. Honey I'm Lost  (Ben Findon.Mike Myers)
  5. Shake It  (Terence Boylan)
  6. Reminiscing  (Graham Goble)
1997年,EMI出版的《EMI 100週年珍藏系列之西洋風 Ages of 70's》雙CD集, 也有把她曾灌唱的"When A Bird Is Born", "You Light Up My Life", "The Bird And The Child" 及 "Torn Between Two Lovers"這四首歌收錄於內。

第 2 屆香港金唱片頌獎典禮中,由已故的著名電台DJ陳任(Joe Chen)頌授與Gracie Rivers金唱片之Youtube版本短片:



At 8:36 AM , Blogger edwin said...

我一直想找她唱過的"The Lord's Prayer" (如果沒有記錯的話,也可能是另一位在香港打出名堂的東南亞女歌手,好像是星架坡的),因為那是極不流行的Caribbean style, 卻剛好是我讀中學時校內聖詩集的版本,(當然她稍改為帶點西方民歌風格)相對其他在教會和藝術歌唱界流行的版本,輕快悅耳得多.網上很難找到.
如果你有,可否放上網分享 ?

At 11:26 AM , Blogger Macaenese5354 said...

Dear edwin,


記憶中,Gracie Rivera並沒有灌唱過The Lord's Prayer這歌。而在七十年代時期曾灌唱該歌的本地歌手,應是Esther Chan陳懿德。

本人於2007年2月曾在本網誌內有一篇Esther Chan陳懿德的報導文章,連結如下:

At 10:35 AM , Blogger dearjohn said...

Hi! Macaenese5354

在你的網頁裏,看到Gracie Rivera(The bird and the child)大碟封面,勾起了我年少時的回憶.


特別是Take my hand for a while

At 3:03 PM , Blogger Macaenese5354 said...


已把"Take My Hand For A While"這歌曲的試聽版播放器放上了。

At 7:05 PM , Blogger 蛋黃黃 said...


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