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Second Folk Album

《Second Folk Album》是麗風唱片公司(Life Records) 於1970年內出版的第二張歐西民謠歌曲LP。對比於首張的《First Folk Album》,這回參與灌錄《Second Folk Album》的本地歌手及組合,明顯地與上次的並不完全相同。一向以來,這張以昔日被稱為樂壇金牌經理人的梁柏濤Pato Leung作掛名監製的唱片,在筆者心目中是享有不變的極高評價。因這不僅是它收錄了筆者喜愛的"Interlude"、"A Lover’s Concerto"、"There Is A Ship"等本地演譯版,還有的是那意境優美的外頁封套設計, 一幅由已故國際著名攝影家錢萬里先生提供的黃昏日落景色圖片.....

Second Folk Album (Life Records – FA-2)


Side 1
  1. Interlude (Sam Hui)
  2. Conversation (Doris Hardoon)
  3. Jesse James (Tripod Cauldrons)
  4. Fragments (Peter Holbrook)
  5. A Lover’s Concerto (Terry & Bill)
  6. Ages (John Chen & Richard Yuen)

Side 2

  1. Circle Game (Agnes & Irene Chan)
  2. Unwaking Dreams (Paul & Francis )
  3. There Is A Ship (Iris & Alice)
  4. Gentle On My Mind (Foggy Mountain Five)
  5. Ol' Man River (Sam Ho)
  6. Epilogue (John Chen & Richard Yuen)
Sam Hui – Interlude

由許冠傑Sam Hui演譯的" Interlude ",是來自著名法國籍電影作曲家Georges Delerue1968年影片Interlude (玉樓春曉)中的同名插曲作品,原曲由已故的女歌手Timi Yuro首唱。


*Time is like a dream
And now for a time you are mine
Let's hold fast to the dream
That tastes and sparkles like wine

Who knows if it's real
Or just something we're both dreaming of
What seems like an interlude now
Could be the beginning of love
Loving you is a world that's strange
So much more than my heart can hold
Loving you makes the whole world change
Loving you I could not grow old
No, nobody knows when love will end
So till then, sweet friend

(Repeat *)

Doris Hardoon – Conversation

擁有猶太裔父系及華人母系血統的Doris Hardoon ,現時是在其夫婿創立的藝術及室內設計所內負責行政創作的工作。她演譯的"Conversation",是原自Joni Mitchell1970年的作品。


Tripod Cauldrons【註】 – Jesse James

Tripod Cauldrons這次演譯的"Jesse James",是來自Martin Christian的傳統美國鄉謠作品。

"Jesse James"試聽版﹕

Peter Holbrook【註】 – Fragments

"Fragments"是Peter Holbrook本人的作品。


Terry & Bill – Lover’s Concerto


John Chen & Richard Yuen – Ages

"Ages"是由兩位負責這專輯編曲兼伴奏者John Chen及Richard Yuen演譯的純音樂(Instrumental)作品。


Agnes & Irene Chan – Circle Game

演譯Joni Mitchell1970年的作品"Circle Game"是我們熟悉的陳依齡Irene Chan、陳美齡Agnes Chan姊妹,亦是令陳美齡走紅港澳及日本樂壇的首支灌唱歌曲。

"Circle Game"試聽版﹕

Paul & Francis 【註】 – Unwaking Dreams

筆者找不到由這二男組合演譯的"Unwaking Dreams"是出自何處,猜測這極可能是他們自己的作品。

"Unwaking Dreams"試聽版﹕

Iris & Alice – There Is A Ship

First Folk Album》專輯中的二女一男組合& Iris, Alice & Paul,不知甚麼原因,這次沒有了男成員Paul的份兒,只由Iris & Alice她倆來演譯這首原自Milton OkunPeter Paul & Mary1964年的作品"There Is A Ship"

"There Is A Ship"試聽版﹕

Foggy Mountain Five 【註】– Gentle On My Mind

這支外籍組合演譯的"Gentle On My Mind",是原自六十年代已故
John Hartford的作品。

"Gentle On My Mind"試聽版

Sam Ho 【註】 – Ol' Man River

何國禧Sam Ho演譯的"
Ol' Man River",是原自已故Jerome KernOscar Hammerstein II1927年的作品。

"Ol' Man River"試聽版﹕

John Chen & Richard Yuen – Epilogue

這首"Epilogue"(終結曲),同樣是由兩位負責這專輯編曲兼伴奏者John Chen及Richard Yuen,把收錄於專輯內的部份歌曲旋律經編輯及串連後,以純音樂(Instrumental)形式演譯出來。


【註】 筆者於先前的《First Folk Album》貼文內巳簡述有關的歌手或組合資料,故在此不再重覆。

製作人員名單 :

  • 監製 : 梁柏濤 Pato Leung

  • 錄音工程師 : 黃啟光 K. K. Wong

  • 鍵琴及低音結他 : Richard Yuen

  • 結他 : John Chen

  • 相關的筆者貼文連結:

    First Folk Album
    A Lover’s Concerto – Terry & Bill


    At 11:20 AM , Blogger Tommy said...

    Dear Macaenese,
    Glad to find the song Unwaking Dream in your blog. I love this song so much and once owned it biut now lost. I can't listen to it through your blog. But at least, I know it was put into CD.
    Further information, please e-mail to me.
    Thank you. Tommy hor

    At 12:40 AM , Blogger Macaenese5354 said...

    Dear Tommy,

    Welcome to this blog!

    I've also read your message from another blog site of mine ( ) which is having same content as this blog. The reason why you couldn't listen to the broadcasting of this song through the player tool of both these 2 sites, presumably, is due to the bandwidth usage limitation & external linkage problem of the server site (i.e. where I uploaded the song to. In view of this, I've re-loaded the item to other accommodation site and I think now that you could listen to it through the player tool of this blog. But for all those ("Unwaking Dreams" included) I put onto the blog at Roodo, I think they have to be waited until the said problems with Roodo are solved or the operation of its facilitating tools are back to normal.....

    FYI, recent information from E-shop "" shows that the pertinent CD album is temporarily out of stock. So if you're now living outside Hong Kong and would like to get one, I'm afraid that you have to seek helps from friends or relative in HK to buy it from local retail outlets like HMV, HK Record, Rock Gallery or CD Wareshouse, etc....


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