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EMI雜錦歐西歌曲 (香港+星加坡歌星及樂隊)

1975至1978年間,EMI唱片公司集合了旗下的香港及星加坡歌手及樂隊,出版了一共十二張的歐西歌曲合集,包括八張以Hit Sounds為唱片名稱的系列,三張Star Hits系列,及一張名為16 Motion Picture Greats For You的LP。而出15現在這多張唱片裏的歌手及樂隊,包括有香港的亞Lam (林子祥)、Teresa Carpio (杜麗莎)、Gracie Rivera (利慧詩)、Felicia Wong (王愛明)、Irene Ryder (黎愛蓮)、Francis Yip (葉麗儀)、Esther Chan (陳懿德)、Rowena Cortes (露雲娜)、Louie Castro (賈思樂)、May Cheng (鄭寶雯)、Tony Orchez、Anders Nelsson (聶安達)、Joe Chen (陳任)、Betty Chung (鍾玲玲)、Maria Wu (鄔瑪莉)、Joey Villanueva、Johnson Tang、Norman Cheung、Susan Guterres (蘇珊)、Susanne Leung、Andy Bautista、William Chan、Sam Sorono (R.I.P.)、Eddie Vas、Mona Richardson、Rita Carpio、James Kung、Ming (盟)、The New Topnotes (新特樂)、Fantastics、Four Tracks、Paws、The Good Sound & Chorus、New Kids、Seenlum、及星加坡的Anita Sarawak、Tracy Huang (黃露儀)、Anne Marie、Western Union Band。

Hit Sounds系列:

Hit Sounds                   (EMI (Regal) – 1975/SREG 9621)

Side One
  1. When Will I See You Again  ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞   (Kenny Gamble.Leon Huff)
  2. Kung Fu Fighting  ﹝Joey Villanueva﹞   (Carl Douglas)
  3. Reasons Why  ﹝Ming﹞   (Anders Nelsson)
  4. Sunshine On My Shoulders   ﹝Felicia Wong﹞   (John Denver.Dick Kniss.Mike Taylor)
  5. How Can I Tell You?  ﹝Joe Chen﹞   (Yusuf Islam)
  6. I Don't Know How To Love Him  ﹝Irene Ryder﹞   (Andrew Lloyd WebberTim Rice)
Side Two
  1. The Night Chicago Died  ﹝Ming/Anders Nelsson﹞   (Peter CallanderMitch Murray)
  2. The Lord's Prayer  ﹝Esther Chan﹞   (Arnold Strals)
  3. Laughter In The Rain  ﹝Ming/Anders Nelsson﹞   (Phil Cody.Neil Sedaka)
  4. Sad Sweet Dreamer  ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞   (David Parton)
  5. Feel Like Makin' Love  ﹝Ming/Maria Wu﹞   (Eugene McDaniels)
  6. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life  ﹝Betty Chung﹞  (Stevie Wonder)
Hit Sounds No. 2          (EMI (Regal) – 1975/SREG 9622)

Side One
  1. Ding A Dong  ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞  (Dick Bakker.Will Luikinga.Eddy Owens)
  2. January  ﹝Ming﹞  (David Paton)
  3. Only Yesterday  ﹝May Cheng﹞  (John BettisRichard Carpenter)
  4. Mandy  ﹝Ming/Anders Nelsson﹞  (Scott EnglishRichard Kerr)
  5. Don't Tell Me Goodnight  ﹝Louie Castro﹞  (Kent LaVoie (Lobo))
  6. You Make Me Feel Brand New  ﹝Anita Sarawak & Ismail﹞  (Thom BellLinda Creed)
Side Two
  1. Have You Ever Been Mellow  ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞  (John Farrar)
  2. Morning Side Of The Mountain   ﹝Louie Castro & May Cheng﹞  (Dick Manning.Larry Stock)
  3. Dancing On A Saturday Night  ﹝Anita Sarawak﹞  (Barry BlueLynsey De Paul)
  4. Emma  ﹝Ming/Johnson Tang﹞  (Errol Brown.Tony Wilson)
  5. Butterfly  ﹝Felicia Wong﹞  (Danyel Gérard.Howard Barnes.Davis Bernett.Chuck Davidson)
  6. He Don't Love You (Like I Love You)  ﹝Ming﹞  (Jerry ButlerCalvin CarterCurtis Mayfield)
Hit Sounds Vol. 3        (EMI (Regal) – 1975/SREG 9624)

Side One
  1. Love Will Keep Us Together  ﹝Susan Guterres﹞  (Neil SedakaHoward Greenfield)
  2. L.O.V.E. Love  ﹝Norman Cheung﹞  (James Wong)
  3. Listen To What The Man Said  ﹝Lam﹞  (Paul McCartneyLinda McCartney)
  4. The Fugitive Kind  ﹝Norman Cheung﹞  (Arthur GreensladeTony WaddingtonWayne Bickerton)
  5. Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song  ﹝Louie Castro﹞  (Larry ButlerChips Moman)
  6. Love Said Goodbye  【Theme From〈The Godfather Part II〉】  ﹝May Cheng﹞  (Nino RotaLarry Kusic)
Side Two
  1. Lady Marmalade  ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞  (Bob CreweKenny Nolan)
  2. Magic  ﹝Ming﹞  (Billy LyallDavid Paton)
  3. Solitaire  ﹝May Cheng﹞  (Phil Cody.Neil Sedaka)
  4. Jive Talking  ﹝Fantastics﹞  (Barry, Robin Gibb & Maurice Gibb)
  5. Taxi  ﹝Ming﹞  (Anders Nelsson)
  6. Blue Balloon (The Hourglass Song)  【Theme From〈Jeremy〉】  ﹝Felicia Wong﹞  (Joseph Brooks)
Hit Sounds Vol. 4        (EMI (Regal) – 1976/SREG 9626)

Side One
  1. Rhinestone Cowboy  ﹝Tony Orchez﹞   (Larry Weiss)
  2. Feelings  ﹝Anita Sarawak﹞  ( Loulou GastéMorris Albert)
  3. That's The Way I Like It  ﹝The New Topnotes﹞  (Harry Wayne CaseyRichard Finch)
  4. I Write The Songs  ﹝Tony Orchez﹞  (Bruce Johnston)
  5. Bad Blood  ﹝Lam﹞  ( Phil Cody.Neil Sedaka)
  6. I Gotcha  ﹝Anita Sarawak﹞  (Joe Tex)
Side Two
  1. Shame, Shame, Shame   ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞  (Sylvia Robinson)
  2. Island Girl  ﹝Lam﹞  ( Elton JohnBernie Taupin)
  3. I Only Have Eyes For You  ﹝Tony Orchez﹞  (Harry WarrenAl Dubin)
  4. Something Better To Do  ﹝Susan Guterres﹞  (John Farrar)
  5. Harmour Love  ﹝The New Topnotes﹞  (Stevie Wonder)
  6. U'N'I  ﹝Ming﹞  (Anders Nelsson)
Hit Sounds Vol. 5      (EMI (Columbia) – 1976/S-33ESX-233)

Side One
  1. Save Your Kisses For Me  ﹝Louie Castro & May Cheng﹞  (Tony HillerMartin LeeLee Sheridan)
  2. Lonely Night  (Angel Face)  ﹝Susan Guterres﹞  (Neil Sedaka)
  3. Mamma Mia  ﹝Ming﹞  (Benny AnderssonBjörn UlvaeusStig Anderson)
  4. My Little Town  ﹝Paws﹞  (Paul Simon)
  5. You Sexy Thing  ﹝Ming﹞  (Errol Brown)
  6. How High The Moon  ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞  (Morgan LewisNancy Hamilton)
Side Two
  1. Do You Know Where You Are Going To  【Theme From〈Mahogany〉】  ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞  (Gerry GoffinMichael Masser)
  2. There's A Kind of Hush  ﹝May Cheng﹞  (Les ReedGeoff Stephens)
  3. Venus  ﹝Tony Orchez﹞  (Ed Marshall.Peter DeAngelis)
  4. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)  ﹝Paws﹞  (Stevie Wonder.Yvonne Wright)
  5. 'Cos We Ended Up As Lovers  ﹝The New Topnotes﹞  (Stevie Wonder)
  6. VolareTony Orchez﹞  (Franco Migliacci.Domenico Modugno)
Hit Sounds Vol. 6              (EMI Music – 1976/EMGS 6005)

Side One
  1. Don't Go Breaking My Heart  ﹝Lam & Teresa Carpio﹞  (Carte BlancheAnn Orson)
  2. Silly Love Songs  ﹝Lam﹞  (Paul McCartneyLinda McCartney)
  3. 問我   ﹝May Cheng﹞  (黎小田曲╱黃霑詞)
  4. Let Your Love Flow  (Fantastics)  (Larry E. Williams)
  5. More, More, More  ﹝The New Topnotes﹞  (Gregg Diamond)
  6. Come On Over  (Tracy Huang)  (Barry & Robin Gibb)
  7. Right Back Where We Started From  ﹝Anita Sarawak﹞  (J. Vincent Edwards.Pierre Tubbs)
  8. Carry On Till Tomorrow  ﹝Paws﹞  (Tom EvansPeter Ham)
Side Two
  1. Mr. Melody  ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞  (Chuck Jackson.Marvin Yancy)
  2. Disco Lady  ﹝Fantastics﹞  (Don DavisHarvey Scales‧Lee Vance)
  3. Devil Woman  ﹝Louie Castro﹞  (Terry Britten.Christine Holmes)
  4. Sailing  ﹝Tracy Huang﹞  (Gavin Sutherland)
  5. Could It Be Magic  ﹝Tony Orchez﹞  (Adrienne AndersonBarry Manilow)
  6. Boogie Fever  ﹝Anita Sarawak﹞  (Freddie Perren.Kenneth St. Lewis)
  7. Shop Around  ﹝Anita Sarawak﹞  (Smokey RobinsonBerry Gordy)
Hit Sounds Vol. 7          (EMI Music – 1977/EMGS 6011)

Side One
  1. Money, Money, Money  ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞  (Benny AnderssonBjörn Ulvaeus)
  2. Every Face Tells A Story  ﹝Tracy Huang﹞  (Michael Allison‧Peter Sills‧Don Black)
  3. I'd Really Love To See You Tonight  ﹝The New Topnotes﹞  (Parker McGee)
  4. Street Singing  ﹝Lam﹞  (Adrienne AndersonBarry Manilow)
  5. Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang   ﹝Fantastics﹞  (Rick Giles)
  6. Paloma Blanca  ﹝The Good Sound & Chorus﹞  (George Baker)
  7. I Can't Live A Dream  ﹝Louie Castro﹞  (Arnold Capitanelli)
  8. Like A Sad Song  ﹝Gracie Rivera﹞  ( John Denver)
  9. You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine   ﹝William Chan﹞  (Kenny Gamble.Leon Huff)
Side Two
  1. Play That Funky Music  ﹝Fantastics﹞  (Rob Parissi)
  2. If You Leave Me Now   ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞  (Peter Cetera)
  3. Nadia's Theme  (The Young And The Restless)  ﹝Nonoy O'Campo﹞  (Barry De VorzonPerry Botkin, Jr.)
  4. Muskrat Love  ﹝The New Topnotes﹞  (Willis Alan Ramsey)
  5. Dancing Queen  ﹝Lam﹞  (Benny AnderssonBjörn UlvaeusStig Anderson)
  6. Magic Man  ﹝Susanne Leung﹞  (Ann & Nancy Wilson)
  7. I Only Want To Be With You  ﹝The Good Sound & Chorus﹞  (Mike Hawker.Ivor Raymond)
  8. You Should Be Dancing  ﹝Lam﹞  (Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb)
Hit Sounds Vol. 8              (EMI Music – 1977/EMGS 6018)

Side One
  1. Love Theme From〈A Star Is Born〉 (Evergreen)  ﹝The New Topnotes﹞  (Barbra StreisandPaul Williams)
  2. Maybe I'm Amazed  ﹝Lam﹞  (Paul McCartney)
  3. Boogie Child  ﹝Four Tracks﹞  (Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb)
  4. Torn Between Two Lovers  ﹝Gracie Rivera﹞  (Phillip Jarrell.Peter Yarrow)
  5. Southern Nights  ﹝Lam﹞  (Allen Toussaint)
  6. Times Of Your Life  ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞  (Bill Lane.Roger Nichols)
  7. If You Know What I Mean  ﹝William Chan﹞  (Neil Diamond)
  8. Don't Give Up On Us  ﹝Frances Yip﹞   (Tony Macaulay)
Side Two
  1. New Kid In Town  ﹝New Kids﹞  (John David SoutherDon HenleyGlenn Frey)
  2. Streets Of London  ﹝Gracie Rivera﹞  (Ralph McTell)
  3. Mississippi  ﹝Tracy Huang﹞  (Werner Theunissen)
  4. After The Lovin'  ﹝William Chan﹞  (Alan Bernstein.Richie Adams)
  5. Weekend In New England  ﹝Lam﹞  (Randy Edelman)
  6. My Sweet Lady  ﹝William Chan﹞  (John Denver)
  7. Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow  ﹝Sam Sorono﹞  (Roger GreenawayBarry Mason)
Star Hits系列:

Star Hits                          (EMI Music – 1978/EMGS 6028)

Side One
  1. When A Child Is Born  ﹝Gracie Rivera﹞  (Fred Jay.Ciro Dammicco (Zacar))
  2. It's So Easy  ﹝Rowena Cortes﹞  (Buddy Holly & Norman Petty)
  3. Down, Deep Inside  【Theme From〈The Deep〉】  ﹝The New Topnotes﹞  (John BarryDonna Summer)
  4. I Wanna Funk With You Tonite  ﹝Four Tracks﹞  (Pete BellotteGiorgio Moroder)
  5. I Don't Want To Talk About It  ﹝Tracy Huang﹞  (Danny Whitten)
  6. Mull Of Kintyre  ﹝Lam﹞  (Denny LainePaul McCartney)
  7. It Gotta Sell A Million  ﹝Rowena Cortes﹞  (Bill Backer.Billy DavisRoger CookRoger Greenaway)
  8. The Bird And The Child  ﹝Gracie Rivera﹞  (Jean-Paul Cara.Joe Gracy.H. Banks)
Side Two
  1. The Name Of The Game  ﹝Rowena Cortes﹞  (Benny AnderssonStig AndersonBjörn Ulvaeus)
  2. You Make Loving Fun  ﹝Lam﹞  (Christine McVie)
  3. You Light Up My Life  【Theme From〈You Light Up My Life〉】  ﹝Gracie Rivera﹞  (Joseph Brooks)
  4. How Deep Is Your Love  ﹝The New Topnotes﹞  (Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb)
  5. She's Not There  ﹝Western Union Band﹞  (Rod Argent)
  6. Telephone Line  ﹝Four Tracks﹞  (Jeff Lynne)
  7. Love Letters  ﹝Teresa Carpio & Lam﹞  (Edward HeymanVictor Young)
  8. Carolina In My Mind  ﹝Seenlum﹞  (James Taylor)
  9. Blue Bayou  ﹝Gracie Rivera﹞  (Joe MelsonRoy Orbison)
Star Hits Vol. 2  (EMI Star Hits)   (EMI Music – 1978/EMGS 6043)

Side One
  1. Emotion  ﹝The New Topnotes﹞  (Barry & Robin Gibb)
  2. Take A Chance On Me  ﹝Gracie Rivera﹞  (Benny AnderssonBjörn Ulvaeus)
  3. You're The One That I Want  ﹝Lam & Mona Richardson﹞  (John Farrar)
  4. I've Never Been To Me  ﹝Tracy Huang﹞  (Ken HirschRon Miller)
  5. Stayin' Alive  ﹝Four Tracks﹞   (Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb)
  6. Even Now  ﹝Eddie Vas﹞      (Barry Manilow.Marty Panzer)
  7. Just The Way You Are  ﹝Mona Richardson﹞  (Billy Joel)
  8. Best Of My Love  ﹝The New Topnotes﹞  (Maurice WhiteAl McKay)
Side Two
  1. With A Little Luck  ﹝Lam﹞     (Paul McCartney)
  2. Theme From〈Close Encounters Of The Third Kind〉  ﹝David Packer﹞  (John Williams)
  3. Rivers Of Babylon  ﹝Four Tracks﹞  (Brenton Dowe.Frank Farian.Trevor McNaughton.George Reyam)
  4. Night Fever  (Four Tracks﹞  (Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb)
  5. Ego  ﹝Lam﹞  (Elton JohnBernie Taupin)
  6. Can't Smile Without You  ﹝Eddie Vas﹞  (Chris Arnold.David Martin.Geoff Morrow)
  7. If I Can't Have You  ﹝Gracie Rivera﹞  (Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb)
  8. Dust In The Wind  ﹝Western Union Band﹞  (Kerry Livgren)
  9. You're The Love  ﹝Louie Castro﹞  (David BatteauLouie Shelton)
EMI Star Hits Volume 3    (EMI Music – 1978/EMGS 6048)

Side One
  1. Grease  ﹝Lam﹞  (Barry Gibb)
  2. Boogie Oogie Oogie  ﹝Rita Carpio﹞  (Janice Marie Johnson.Perry L. Kibble)
  3. Sandy  ﹝Eddie Vas﹞  (Louis St. LouisScott Simon)
  4. Ready To Take A Chance Again  ﹝Tony Orchez﹞  (Charles FoxNorman Gimbel)
  5. Devoted To You  ﹝Anne Marie & James Kung﹞  (Felix & Boudleaux Bryant)
  6. Songbird  ﹝Gracie Rivera﹞  (David Wolfert.Steve Nelson)
  7. Three Times A Lady  ﹝Western Union Band﹞  (Lionel Richie)
  8. Got To Get You Into My Life  ﹝Eddie Vas﹞  (John LennonPaul McCartney)
  9. Ease On Down The Road  ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞  (Charlie Smalls)
Side Two
  1. An Everlasting Love  ﹝Western Union Band﹞    (Barry Gibb)
  2. Almost Like Being In Love  ﹝Tony Orchez﹞  (Alan Jay LernerFrederick Loewe)
  3. Hopelessly Devoted To You  ﹝Anne Marie﹞  (John Farrar)
  4. Love Is In The Air  ﹝Eddie Vas﹞  (Harry VandaGeorge Young)
  5. Last Dance  ﹝Gracie Rivera﹞  (Paul Jabara)
  6. Fool (If You Think It's Over)  ﹝Tony Orchez﹞  (Chris Rea)
  7. You Should Be Dancing  ﹝Lam﹞  (Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb)
  8. Baker Street  ﹝James Kung﹞  (Gerry Rafferty)
16 Motion Picture Greats For You    (EMI Music – 1977/SPR 1001)

Side One
  1. Love Theme From〈A Star Is Born〉 (Evergreen)  ﹝The New Topnotes﹞  (Barbra StreisandPaul Williams)
  2. The Morning After  【excerpt from 〈The Poseidon Adventure〉】  ﹝Gracie Rivera﹞  (Al KashaJoel Hirschhron)
  3. Gonna Fly Now  【Theme From〈Rocky〉】  ﹝Andy Bautista﹞  (Carol ConnorsBill ContiAyn Robbins)
  4. The Way We Were  【Theme From〈The Way We Were〉】  ﹝Francis Yip﹞  (Alan & Marilyn BergmanMarvin Hamlisch)
  5. Where Do I Begin?  【Theme From〈Love Story〉】  ﹝Irene Ryder﹞  (Francis LaiCarl Sigman)
  6. Loss Of Love  【Theme From〈Sunflower〉】  ﹝Tony Orchez﹞  (Henry ManciniBob Merrill)
  7. Blue Balloon (The Hourglass Song)  【Theme From〈Jeremy〉】  ﹝Felicia Wong﹞  (Joseph Brooks)
  8. Free As The Wind 【Theme From〈Papillon〉】  ﹝Esther Chan﹞  (Jerry Goldsmith.Hal Shaper)
Side Two
  1. I'm Easy  【Theme From〈Nashville〉】  ﹝Teresa Carpio﹞  (Keith Carradine)
  2. A Certain Smile  【Theme From〈A Certain Smile〉】  ﹝Francis Yip﹞  (Sammy FainPaul Francis Webster)
  3. Do You Know Where You Are Going To  【Theme From〈Mahogany〉】  ﹝Tracy Huang﹞  (Gerry GoffinMichael Masser)
  4. Morning Of My Life  【excerpt from〈Melody〉】  ﹝Gracie Rivera﹞  (Barry Gibb)
  5. Tammy  【Theme From〈Tammy And The Bachelor〉】  ﹝Felicia Wong﹞  (Ray EvansJay Livingston)
  6. Speak Softly Love  【Theme From〈The Godfather〉】  ﹝Irene Ryder﹞  (Nino RotaLarry Kusic)
  7. Theme From〈King Kong〉  ﹝Andy Bautista﹞  (John Barry)
  8. Sweetheart Tree  【Theme From〈The Great Race〉】  ﹝Tony Orchez﹞  (Henry ManciniJohnny Mercer)



At 6:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, i was wondering if those records u put on ur blog are for sale
i really would like to purchase the one with track "Reasons Why" if it is on a cd.
Please contact me if u are interested in selling it.
Thank you

At 4:17 AM , Blogger Macaenese5354 said...


Welcome to this blog!

Nearly 90% of those pictures I put on the blog comes from vinyl records of my own collection and they are not for sale absolutely.

As regards the track "Reasons Why" by Ming, I understand that it has never been put on CD format for sale by the original record company EMI.



At 9:23 PM , Blogger Punctum and Studium said...


I just found your wonderful blog. I was born in late 70s HK and these songs, many I don't remember, but must have been around, because they really soothe me.

My father was actually a musician and in one of the Star Hits compilation. How could I contact you as I would love to get the song somehow. If it is just to get more info on the songs. This is a part of my history that I didn't get to know much about.

Best Regards.

At 9:26 PM , Blogger Punctum and Studium said...

Hi Macanese,

Not sure if I posted twice.

Love your blog and I was born in late 70s HK. These sounds touch me unexpectedly.

My father was actually a musician in one of the Star Hits compilation. Could I contact you via email? This is part of the family history that is not well known to me.

Best Regards.

At 10:59 AM , Blogger Macaenese5354 said...

Dear Punctum and Studium,

Welcome to this blog!

It's better that you write something (maybe just "copy & paste" all those words you wrote here above) to another blog site of mine (link below) which is having same content as this so that I can see your email address from the internal personal blog management system there for further communications with you about your interests in those songs.

Besides, I'm quite interested to know which one of the 3 Star Hits your Dad was involving with. Ha Ha!

Best Regards


At 12:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, good site very much appreciatted


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