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【Paws】,一支七十年代中以唱歐西鄉土民謠及抒情歌曲為主的本地三男一女年青組合,隊中除了該女成員在其後作個人發展而廣為當年聽眾熟悉外,其餘的三位男成員,真的連筆者也不清楚他們姓甚名誰。而EMI於1976年為他們出版的同名唱片,封套背面亦沒有各成員的任何資料或簡述。至於該女成員的名字,從唱片封套上的相片顯示,應不難便認到她就是當年曾為麗的電視(RTV) 劇集「鱷魚淚」唱主題曲的女歌星袁麗嫦Lisa Yuen。她憑着"鱷魚淚"這歌及其後的另一曲"百厭仔唔肯吔飯",令她在本地樂壇亦走紅了一陣子。


Paws                 (EMI EMGS-6006)

Side One
  1. Carry On Till Tomorrow  (Tom Evans/Pete Ham)
  2. I Need You   (Gerry Beckley)
  3. Follow Me  (John Denver)
  4. I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song  (Jim Croce)
  5. Ventura Highway  (Dewey Bunnell)
  6. Here, There And Everywhere   (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
Side Two
  1. Rocky Road  (Peter Yarrow/Noel Paul Stookey/Albert Grossman)
  2. My Little Town  (Paul Simon)
  3. A ‘Soalin’  (Tracy Batteaste/Elaina Mezzetti/Noel Paul Stookey)
  4. Danny's Song  (Kenny Loggins)
  5. Here Comes The Sun   (George Harrison)
  6. If You Love Me (I Won't Care)  (Marguerite Monnot/Geoff Parson)

專集Side Two最後的一曲"If You Love Me (I Won't Care)",這首原自法國歌手Édith Piaf於1949年首唱的"Hymne à l'amour",乃是筆者最為喜愛的......

Shall I Catch A Shooting Star
Shall I Bring It Where You Are
If You Want Me To, I Will
You Can Sent Me Any Task
I'll Do Anything You Ask
If You Only Love Me Still.

If The Sun Should Tumble From The Sky
If The Sea Should Suddenly Run Dry
If You Love Me, Really Love Me
Let It Happen I Won't Care
If It Seems That Everything Is Lost
It Will Smile And Never Count The Cost
If You Love Me, Really Love Me
Let I Happen I Won't Care.

When At Last Our Life On Earth Is Through
I Will Share eternity With You
If You Love Me, Really Love Me
Let It Happen Darling I Won't Care
If You Love Me, Really Love Me
The Whatever Happens I Won't Care.

"If You Love Me (I Won't Care)"試聽版﹕

"Here, There And Everywhere"試聽版﹕

"I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song"試聽版﹕


"蘋果日報 2007-04-24" - 袁麗嫦、柳影虹淚濕歌衫

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