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鄺麗虹 Rita Kwong

1974年中,一位還在唸中學的十六歲香港少女鄺麗虹Rita Kwong,參加了由當時星報(The Star)機構舉辦的歌唱大賽,並在比賽中獲得獎項殊榮。約年半後的1976年初,她簽約予好市唱片公司(House Records) ,成為好市旗下歌手。差不多同時期間,麗的電視(RTV)亦邀請她加盟,在「星期一晚」節目中亮相獻歌及作為其中之一的節目主持人,而她為好市公司灌錄的首張、也是迄今唯一的個人LP專集《Let Me Love You》,遂藉此乘勢推出。


Let Me Love You        (1976/PHLP 761)

唱片封套背面,載上了一段由鄺麗虹Rita Kwong以英語摘寫的自我介紹文章...

And so I came to pass, borne by the wind, cradled by the ocean spray and inspired by the colours of the rainbow to discover time and space in the sounds of the wild and beautiful.

In retracing the misty paths of my life, I grew up with a desire to share with the world my songs, my heart and myself. It wasn’t until two years ago that I stood unsteadily with the rhythm of life pounding in oneness with my audience, under the blazing spotlights of T.V. cameras, over the thundering sound of applause at The Star Singing Competition. My singing career had been launched one public appearance followed another.

And just six months ago the Production House made one of my beautiful dreams came true. They offered me a recording contract. And here I am.

The recording sessions weren’t easy. It was hard for me and all the others involved. I could not just burst into song. No way. Instead one agonizing rehearsal followed another. Often I was on the verge of collapsing. But every single moment was worth it when compared with the ecstasy of seeing my very own disc complete, of hearing my heart dance its way through each groove.

My sincere gratitude to Tony, Terry, Young and all the others who lifted me up when I was down, who make it possible for me to soar again like a bird. And now I dream that as you listen to my wind songs, Your heart will fly wing to wing with mine. Happy flying.

Rita Kwong

Side One
  1. I Don't Like To Sleep Alone    (Paul Anka)
  2. Desperado    (Glenn FreyDon Henley)
  3. I Get A Little Sentimental Over You    (Tony MacaulayGeoff Stephens)
  4. Love    (Barry MasonLes Reed)
  5. This Time Tomorrow    (Joseph KooAnders Nelsson)
  6. To Know Him Is To Love Him    (Phil Spector)
Side Two
  1. If     (David Gates)
  2. Put A Little Love Away    (Dennis Lambert.Brian Potter)
  3. Solitaire    (Phil Cody.Neil Sedaka)
  4. Let Me Love You    (Ricky Gianco.Bob Barrett)
  5. Windflowers    (David PaichJames SealsDanny Seals)
  6. Loving You    (Minnie Riperton/Richard Rudolph)
Produced By : Antonio S.C. Tang
Engineered By : Antonio S.C. Tang & Gibson Fung

Keyboard : Chris Babida
Bass : Rudi
Drums : Flor
Guitar : Joey

收錄歌曲簡介:"I Don't Like To Sleep Alone"試聽版﹕


"This Time Tomorrow"試聽版﹕

"Let Me Love You"試聽版﹕


House Golden Hits 1976 Vol. 1    (1976/PHLP 765)

House Golden Hits 1976 Vol. 2    (1976/PHLP 767)

House Golden Hits 1976 Vol. 3    (1976/PHLP 7617)

18 Greatest Hits               (1977/PHLP 7625)

18 Greatest Hits Volume 2        (1977/PHLP 7633)

The House Party             (1976/PHLPS 762)

1977年,好市公司被繽繽唱片(Bang Bang Records)後,後者出版的《點只捉賊咁簡單》LP唱片中,出現了鄺麗虹以粵語灌錄的三首歌曲:

點只捉賊咁簡單             (1977/BBLP 7622)

"好事成雙  (鄺麗虹.陳欣健合唱)"試聽版﹕









House Golden Hits/18 Greatest/The House Party 1976/1977 Series

後記 :

三十多年後在一私人宴會場合中客串演唱一曲"I Don't Wanna Talk About It"的Rita Kwong...

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